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  • Wedding
    <h2><span class="tlid-translation translation" xml:lang="en" style="color:#fe9792;" lang="en"><span title="">Dress, groom's suit, flowers ...</span></span></h2> <p><span title="">Is everything really ready for the happiest day of your life?</span> Save the date ! That's it, the date of the wedding is fixed! Now you have to find the perfect wedding invitation to announce this fabulous event to your loved ones.</p> <p><span title="">Marriage celebrates your love and formalizes your union with your loved ones and God.</span> <span title="">Whether it's an oriental wedding, a traditional wedding or a chic and glamorous ceremony, find the "must-have" for a successful celebration!</span></p>
  • Birth
    <h1>Birth</h1> <h2><span style="color:#fe9792;">Birth Announcement</span></h2> <p>After <strong>9 months</strong> of patience, the big moment has finally arrived! <strong>Baby</strong> has arrived! <strong>Future Mom</strong>, <strong>future daddy</strong> it's time to prepare the <strong>Birth Announcement</strong> of your marvel that will formalize the arrival of <strong>baby</strong> with the whole <strong>family</strong>. <strong>It's a girl</strong> ! <strong>It's a boy</strong> ! <strong>Twins</strong>, <strong>triplets</strong> or even <strong>quadruplets</strong>! All <strong>parents</strong> will find their happiness among our selection of exclusive <strong>birth announcements</strong>.<br />The birth of your <strong>child</strong> to be announced in the most beautiful way, with Impression d'Orient create the announcement <strong>for boy</strong> or birth announcement <strong>for girl</strong> who looks like you.<br />Give your <strong>child</strong> an entrance into this elegant and refined world!<br /><br /></p> <h3>Birth Announcement, a tradition that resists!</h3> <p>In the digital age, the birth announcement resists and as a nice legacy of the past, he continues to announce this happy news in <strong>paper</strong> form.<br />The pleasure of having it in the hands, the touch of a textured paper, the enthusiasm to send it and receive it remain intact. Prospective <strong>parents</strong> often tell us they can not wait to see the reaction of a loved one who receives it.</p> <h3><br />Between tradition and modernity, what shape should be favored for its birth announcement?</h3> <p>Symbol of tradition, it is also a beautiful memory for the whole family. Whether you opt for the traditional card or an original birth announcement form, it will delight for sure!<br />At Impression d'Orient you will find <strong>classic birth announcements</strong> as well as <strong>original birth announcements for girls and boys</strong>.</p> <h3>Why not surprise with a birth announcement in the form of parchment?</h3> <p>In silk fiber, its paper is like textile.<br />Traditionally ivory or white, dare color, and opt for a birth announcement with warm colors.<br />Impression d'Orient offers a wide range of birth announcement <strong>baby girl</strong> and <strong>baby boy</strong> announcement.<br /><br /></p> <h2><span style="color:#fe9792;">Custom ribbons</span></h2>
  • Baptism - Circumcision
    <h2><span class="tlid-translation translation" lang="en" xml:lang="en"><span class="tlid-translation translation" lang="en" xml:lang="en">Circumcision</span></span></h2> <p>Also called "Al Khitân" الْخِتَانَ in literary Arabic, "Tahara" in dialect or "Sünnet" in Turkish, circumcision is an important stage in the life of your little boy. It usually takes place between the seventh day of his life and the age of thirteen and is a prophetic tradition strongly recommended in Islam.<br /><br />In the Jewish religion, also called Brit Milah בְרִית מִילָה in Hebrew, male babies are traditionally circumcised on the eighth day after birth.</p> <h2><span class="tlid-translation translation" lang="en" xml:lang="en"><span class="tlid-translation translation" lang="en" xml:lang="en">Religious Baptism / Civil Baptism</span></span></h2> <p>For Catholics, religious baptism is an important stage in the life of their child, it formalizes his entry into the great Christian family. Through baptism, the parents of the child also make a commitment before God to give a Christian education to their baptized child.<br /><br />Also called Republican baptism, civil baptism is a way of celebrating the birth of a baby outside of any religious reference. The civil baptism takes place at the town hall, in front of family and friends and in the presence of the godfathers and godmothers of the child.</p>
  • Birthday
    <p><span class="tlid-translation translation" lang="en" xml:lang="en"><span title="">Whether for an adult or a child, a birthday is the ultimate family celebration, it is an opportunity to invite those that we love around a table (and also and especially a good</span> <span title="">birthday cake... :-)).</span> <span title="">To reunite your loved ones for this special occasion, you will need invitations, decoration, and handpicked guests ready to celebrate an original birthday!</span> <span title="">Let's go for the organization of the birthday party ;-)</span></span></p>
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