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Is everything really ready for the happiest day of your life? Save the date ! That's it, the date of the wedding is fixed! Now you have to find the perfect wedding invitation to announce this fabulous event to your loved ones.

Marriage celebrates your love and formalizes your union with your loved ones and God. Whether it's an oriental wedding, a traditional wedding or a chic and glamorous ceremony, find the "must-have" for a successful celebration!

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  • Wedding Card Invitation
    <p><span class="tlid-translation translation" lang="en" xml:lang="en">Just like the choice of the wedding dress or the caterer, the choice of the wedding invitation is a very important step in the preparations for your wedding, it is the first glimpse and sets the tone for your D-Day. wedding party, no invitations, therefore no guests ... Indeed, what would a wedding party look like without families and friends present in the room to liven up the evening?</span></p> <h2>To each his own announcement</h2> <p>Whether you are more classic or original, religious wedding, Muslim, Catholic, Jewish or even atheist at Impression d'Orient there are wedding invitations for everyone! We offer a wide range of wedding invitations, from cheap to luxury and prestige wedding invitations, there is something for all budgets! Specialized since 2009 in the oriental wedding invitation, for more than 10 years now we have been striving to expand our range to meet the needs of the greatest number. This is why we have developed a collection of: medieval wedding invitation, tropical chic wedding invitation, vintage wedding invitation, country wedding invitation or even bohemian wedding invitation, Wedding Invitation, Engagement Invitation, Henna, Bharat, Mehndi.<br /><br />The civil ceremony at the Town Hall, the procession, the religious wedding at the Mosque or the nuptial blessing, should we mention everything on the wedding invitation? Of course it will depend on the traditions and customs of each. If you're lacking inspiration or want to learn all about wedding invitation sample text, our team of professionals are here to help you craft your invitation!</p>
  • RSVP and Thank You card
  • Welcome Banner
    <p>What better way to embellish your <strong>wedding</strong> than a personalized <strong>welcome banner</strong> to announce the color from the entrance of the hall ceremony to your guests? Also called <strong>kakemono</strong>, <strong>rollup</strong>, <strong>welcome sign</strong>, <strong>welcome banner</strong>, <strong>roll-up</strong> or <strong>wedding welcome flag</strong>, the welcome banner has become in recent years a "must-have" for a successful <strong>wedding celebration</strong>. The welcome banner will fit all wedding themes and languages. Welcome your guests in all languages: in French "Bienvenue", in Arabic "Marhbabikoum", in English "Welcome", in Turkish "Hoşgeldiniz", in Portuguese "Bem-vinda", in Spanish "¡Bienvenido!" or even in Japanese "よ う こ そ" everyone is at Impression d'Orient!</p>
  • Wedding Ribbons
    <p><span class="tlid-translation translation" lang="en" xml:lang="en"><span title="">The personalized and printed ribbons are among the essentials for a successful wedding decoration.</span> <span title="">The personalized ribbon can be used in many ways: to embellish a wedding invitation, as a round wedding napkin ribbon, for wedding menus or even for candy boxes, there is no limit to</span> <span title="">creation !</span><br /><br /><span title="">You can have whatever you want printed on the ribbon: ribbons with married names, ribbon with the wedding date, or even personalized wedding ribbons, you are spoiled for choice!</span> <span title="">And in addition we offer a range of inexpensive personalized ribbons, so take advantage of it and indulge yourself!</span></span></p>
  • Wedding Menu
    <p>To give your <strong>guests</strong> the envy even before the plates arrive, why not opt ​​for <strong>wedding menus</strong>? Little more in a successful wedding table decoration, the <strong>wedding menu</strong> can fit in every plate or be positioned in the center of the table. Impression d'Orient also took part in the TV show "<strong>4 weddings for a honeymoon</strong>" on <strong>TF1</strong> where <strong>Arbia and Yazid</strong> realized their <strong>wedding menu</strong> in the shape of an <strong>oriental door</strong>. They also won the competition with their wedding on the theme "<strong>oriental wedding</strong>". Congratulations to them! Find this model, and many more in our "<strong>Menu</strong>" category.</p>
  • Stickers
    <p>A <strong>wedding card invitation</strong>, an <strong>envelope</strong> and why not add a <strong>sticker</strong> to bring a touch of originality? Our collection of <strong>stickers</strong> will fit all <strong>envelopes</strong>, any size and any color. <strong>Bismillah calligraphy stickers</strong>, marriage wedding stickers, or "love" stickers, there is something for every taste and every budget! Real <strong>seal</strong> for your <strong>envelope</strong>, the sticker will sublimate your <strong>wedding invitation</strong>!</p>
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    <p>See all <strong>WEDDING</strong> products<br /><br />Wedding Invitation, Welcome Banner, Customized Ribbons, Gift Boxes, Thank You Card, Menu and Envelope Stickers.<br /><br /><br /></p>
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