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Announce your wedding with a silk paper parchment announcement !

Parchment is the original invitation par excellence! Tied with a silver or gold link as you wish, the silk fiber parchment, more flexible and light than the Egyptian papyrus, unfolds and reveals your invitation text printed with elegance and refinement. Your invitation is thus sublimated, the touch of the paper of fiber of silk making it incomparable.

Parchment wedding invitation matches with your wedding theme

Today there are a multitude of wedding themes. Whether you are more traditional wedding, royal Kate and William, chic and country-style nature, oriental worthy tales of the thousand and one nights of Sheherazade, medieval, theme "Game of Thrones" as Kit Harington and Rose Leslie (aka Jon Snow and Ygritte for fans of the cult series), traditional sarees and Bollywood atmosphere, you will find your happiness among our different models of exclusive scrolls.
Our team of graphic designers is at your service to customize the text of your invitation and make your announcement a unique and tailor-made!

Parchment wedding invitation, Accessible Refinement

For over 10 years at Impression d'Orient, we like to rhyme "parchment" with "low price" without affecting the quality of our exclusive parchments. Find a selection to share cheap wedding with the best quality / price of the web. We offer scrolls from € 1.89 each, never seen before!

Parchment invitation, an invitation that suits you !

Parchment Wedding Invitation - Impression d'Orient


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