Velvet Wedding Invitations

Velvet Wedding Invitation

Wedding invitation in velvet, elegance and refinement

Choosing a velvet invitation is choosing elegance and refinement. The velvet material offers an exceptional touch and rendering to your invitation card. The velvet invitation immediately announces the color to your guests: your D-Day will be placed under the sign of chic and luxury!

Red Velvet, Blue Velvet or Black Velvet?

Square, rectangular, simple, elegant, whatever you are looking for you will find it in our collection of velvet wedding invitations. There are several colors available: from blue velvet with very "royal" accents, to always very chic red velvet, passing through black velvet with gilding, our collection of velvet invitations hides little treasures just waiting to be discovered!

Velvet invitations, for what occasion?

An engagement, a wedding, or even a wedding anniversary (we celebrate velvet weddings for 29 years of marriage;)) all occasions are good to use our velvet wedding invitations. At Impression d'Orient you benefit from top-of-the-range service and quality products at competitive prices! Everything for a successful wedding organization.

Velvet Wedding Invitations


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