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Who is behind this wedding invitation site?

Who is behind this wedding invitation site?

Hello ! Welcome to Impression d'Orient!

But by the way, who is behind the site, specialist in wedding announcements ??

Birth of Impression d'Orient in 2008

Impression d'Orient was born in 2008, when two lifelong friends, Nassima and Sophie, had the idea of creating chic and elegant wedding card invitation and original birth announcements, with oriental inspirations! At the time, there were very few offers on the oriental theme, "Arabian nights" or with arabesques, and especially few offers adapted for the Muslim community in particular.

A good idea, two friends over-motivated to help future brides in the quest for the ideal invitation, invitation cards and wedding parchments of silk fiber, it was enough for the site to be born Wedding Invitation Online Store !

12 years of experience serving the bride and groom

This year in 2020, Impression d'Orient is celebrating its 12th anniversary! 12 years in the service of the bride and groom! 12 years to make custom invitations for any type of event !

We have the chance every day to accompany you in the most intense moments of life, whether it is a wedding or the announcement of a birth, baby shower or even an anniversary!

Impression d'Orient, a site for everyone, open to the world

Impression d'Orient is certainly specialized in arabic wedding invitation, but we are proud and happy to use our know-how and our experience for the benefit of all cultures and all religions! We print announcements in all languages: in French and English of course, but also Portuguese announcements, Arabic announcements, Japanese announcements, Hebrew announcements, Tamil announcements, Farsi announcements, Turkish announcements, Creole announcements, Spanish announcements, etc.

All languages and dialects are welcome at Impression d'Orient!